Thursday, 8 May 2014

New Instagram Account

Just to let you guys know, I set up a new instagram account specially for you guys! I tend to keep my blog out of my personal life but sometimes I just really want to post instagram pics of new blog posts and products that I am trying, as well as my daily outfit and whatnot so I thought, why not just do that? And here I am, with a new account - @hollylabeau. I thought just using my blog name would be the easiest thing for you lot to remember. So, pretty pretty please head on over there and follow me and I will follow y'all back. This is sort of like a trial run to see how it goes but I have high hopes. I'll add a new widget to the sidebar of my blog with a slideshow of my new account once it has more photos. Here's a link to my account on the website if it is easier for you to follow that way before you forget -

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